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              Narita City Tourism character growl

              Sightseeing ambassador growl of Narita

              The growl that made its debut as a Narita City Tourism character in April, 2010.

              I appear in various Events, and the ring of the fan of a growl greatly spreads to adults led by a woman as well as a child.

              The figure crossed "an airplane" and "Freshwater eel" for Narita and I put "Freshwater eel" and "なりた" together and was named a growl.

              On Twitter, followers increase at an unbelievable rate and can check the Events haunting, too. The person to want to see a growl, please actually respond.

              In the official homepage of a growl, the various information including a profile and downloading contents of a growl is released.

              The growl that both the gesture and the figure are pretty.

              "The growl formula homepage" that can be downloaded of the introduction and growl image of Twitter is this place!

              >>> http://unarikun.jp/ (External link)

              Growl goods catalogue

              It was checked with popularity of a growl rising, and not only a pin batch, a key ring, stationery including the sewing and the mini-towel but also cake and food such as the Sake increased the growl goods, and a variation became rich at all.

              You can see the list of growl goods than this.

              Growl goods catalogue


              • FEEL Narita coupon
              • Narita gallery

              Narita shikisaisai
              Event information

              Narita Traditional Performing Arts Festival

              It was called off. In "local character 成田詣", online delivery is held


              Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Antique Fair

              Hanasaki-cho is canceled on handbook regular assembly ground (first Saturday), September 4 when I slept.
              The door front venue (28 days a month) is canceled during facing it.

              Narita Drum Festival

              Saturday, April 16, 2022, 17th Sunday: Plan

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