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              An update day: August 4, 2021

              Original frame stamp "Narita Gion Festival"

              Original frame stamp "Narita Gion Festival" about sale (2021)

              gion_kitte_2021.jpgAn original frame stamp of the Narita Gion Festival is sold at a post office mainly on the Narita city.

              300 years are memorialized after a festival of Naritasan Okunoin began, and the 84-yen stamp (ten pieces of 1 sheet) using the old photograph of each festival car, stand in the town block is sold. Please demand it at this opportunity, everyone.

              A sale place: Post office of Narita city, Tomisato-shi, Sakura-shi, Shisui-machi, Sakaemachi, net shop of the post office
              Product contents: Frame stamp 1 sheet (*10 piece of 84-yen stamp)
              Sales price: 1 sheet 1,330 yen (tax-included)
              The number of the sale: Part 600

              ※For more details, it is Japan Post Co., Ltd. TEL: Please refer to 048-600-1043 (from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays).