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              About holding of "local character 成田詣"

              About holding of "local character 成田詣"

              Local character 成田詣 - そらいち -

              Contact and the photography with fans are done with the field viewing in the YouTube delivery and prior lottery system to prevent the three secrets in the new coronavirus infectious disease about "local character 成田詣" held on Narita Traditional Performing Arts Festival and the same day in usual in this year without performing it, and it will be held after being perfect, and having done infectious disease measures. For thorough infectious disease measures, no audience holding was decided. I am sorry to all of you looked forward to, but please enjoy it by online delivery.
              On Events holding, crowd funding is carried out. The details of the crowd funding, please confirm the following related link.
              →The project had accomplishment safely. Thank you for your warm support.


              (I link to the outside crowd funding site)



              From Sunday, September 19, 2021 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

              The seeing and hearing method

              Please see delivery of the growl formula YouTube channel (External link)

              Contact us

              Narita city city promotion department sightseeing promotion section

              A phone number: 0476-20-1540
              A fax number: 0476-24-2185
              An e-mail address: kanpro@city.narita.chiba.jp