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              Introduction of the application

              The Narita city formula sightseeing information application "FEEL Narita" that International Tourist city, charm of Narita were jam-packed is the application for the smartphone.

              Sightseeing, Food and drink spot nearby is wanted to be looked for! History and culture are wanted to be experienced! I want information to be helpful during a trip! A search is timely and can acquire information quickly in such a case.

              Application TOP screen

              <application TOP screen>

              Application end page

              <downloading screen of the coupon>

              Main function

              Store search function

              A store search is possible according to a restaurant and Lodging in the city, categories including the experience-based information.
              If GPS is turned on, a list of stores of the neighborhood can be seen.

              The advantageous coupon acquisition

              The advantageous coupon which is useful for a trip can be acquired.
              It can be confirmed what kind of coupon there is from the list of coupons page.

              Wi-Fi automatic connection

              Wi-Fi of the neighborhood is automatically connected.

              Timely News PUSH delivery function

              It is timely and delivers information to be useful for trips such as Events and News, the emergency Disaster risk reduction information.

              Notice matter

              • The use of our application is free, but takes quantity of data communication at the time of downloading and the use of application separately.
              • The positional information of the terminal is used.
              • I do not guarantee the operation at the tablet terminal.

              Movement environment

              iOS terminal (iOS ver 9.0-10.0)
              Android terminal (Android OS ver 4.4.4-7.0)
              ※I may not work normally under the recommended environment by a model and environment either.

              It will be downloaded right now


              AppleQR cord

              <downloading cord for iOS>

              ※iOS after 14.2 are not supported now.


              AndroidQR cord

              <downloading cord for Android>


              • FEEL Narita coupon
              • Narita gallery

              Narita shikisaisai
              Event information

              Narita Traditional Performing Arts Festival

              It was called off. In "local character 成田詣", online delivery is held


              Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Antique Fair

              Hanasaki-cho is canceled on handbook regular assembly ground (first Saturday), September 4 when I slept.
              The door front venue (28 days a month) is canceled during facing it.

              Narita Drum Festival

              Saturday, April 16, 2022, 17th Sunday: Plan

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