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              Narita walking map

              A walking course to be able to enjoy the Nature which is full of north total の is in Narita.
              A rice field to be full of water fluently, and to glitter. The area one side be wrapped up in bright green in early summer and an ear of rice bathes in the light on a day in autumn and it is golden and shines.
              A fragrance of the soil of the field. A tone of the wind to run the hills and fields.
              A detached room, relaxed time go by from the everyday noise.
              Do you not go for walking while feeling the change of the four seasons, and enjoying the wild flower of the village forest?

              Way of the north total の village forest and the Seven Deities of Good Luck pilgrimage
              17.5km in total length

              Doing it is bunch Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation

              Way around the ground related to Sogo
              7km in total length

              Citizen of Sogo Reido Sanctuary - justice road

              Way of the Kanto contact

              Way (around Narita-shi, Chiba) of the Kanto contact




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              Narita shikisaisai
              Event information

              Narita Traditional Performing Arts Festival

              It was called off. In "local character 成田詣", online delivery is held


              Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Antique Fair

              Hanasaki-cho is canceled on handbook regular assembly ground (first Saturday), September 4 when I slept.
              The door front venue (28 days a month) is canceled during facing it.

              Narita Drum Festival

              Saturday, April 16, 2022, 17th Sunday: Plan

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